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1.     Weiss, William J.

Civil engineering Department

Purdue University

United States – Indiana



2.     Qiang He

Civil Engineering Department

University of Tennessee


3.     Prof. Surendra P. Shah

Professor of Civil Engineering, Department

Northwestern University Evaston, II, USA


4.     Prof. Chi-sun Poon

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

Hong Kong

5.     Dr. K. Sobolov

Associate Professor

College of Engineering & Applied Science

University of Wisconsis –Milwaukee, USA

6.     Prof. Pradeep K. Rohatgi

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,


7.     Dr. Li Zongjin

Civil & Env. Engg. Department

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,

Hong Kong

8.     Dr. Bekir Y. Pekmezci

Assistant Professor

Istanbul Technical University,


9.     Prof. Seung Hee Kwon

Myongji University,

South Korea