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ENVironment Information System (ENVIS)  is a decentralized system using the distributed network of database to ensure integration of natural efforts in environmental information, collection, storage, retrieval and dissemination, with the ultimate objective of disseminating information speedily to the user community. There are 25 network centers on various subject areas, which are functioning in reputed organizations/ institutions in the country with the purpose of providing environmental information and technology information to decision makers, policy planners, scientists, researchers, students etc., through the central focal point in the ministry. Also, it aims to promote national and international cooperation and liaison for exchange of environmental related information to develop a common platform for technology transfer and sound environmental management. Further, this program aims to promote, support and assist educational and personnel training programmes to the user community based upon their requirements.

In order to broaden and strengthen the information network and to fill up the information/data gaps in the existing ENVIS program, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India has signed a MoU with the World Bank assisted Environment Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project (EMCBTA), and the existing  service facilities are hereafter called as EMCB-Nodes. These EMCB nodes are being assigned specific subject areas in the field of environment and are responsible for collection, collation, retrieval and dissemination of information through web-enabled mechanisms. These nodes are also responsible to supplement the information to the EMCB-ENVIS central hub to strengthen and regularly update its website for dissemination new/current information to the users. There are about 54 EMCB-ENVIS nodes which have been setup and have started functioning in various subject areas of environment throughout the country and upgrade through introduction of modern means of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).